Super Mouse Jump

Super Mouse Jump is an arcade adventurous game made by UltPult Studios.

Super Mouse Jump is an adventurous Fun Loving Run Game in which cat is catching the running mouse. The Game Comprises of three different levels. Each level has different environment where mouse has to escape from the cat. These three environments include Living Room, Kitchen and Junkyard. Further difficulty is added by various hurdles including cutters, mouse traps and jaw cranes. You have to save the mouse from these hurdles and complete escape from cat by completing level. To Avoid these different hurdles, you just have to jump and super high jump.

Super Mouse Jump can be downloaded for free, you will be able to play all the levels with no additional payment required. Play funny adventurous game and help mouse to escape from hungry cat.

Run and make a super adventure jump with style to rescue yourself from the cat running behind you. It is one of the best adventure jumping games in Google Play.

Super Mouse Jump by UltPult features:

  • Beautiful graphics and control
  • Catchy music
  • Adventurous hurdles
  • Avoid traps and other problems
  • Addictive game-play
  • Fun for all ages
  • Three Amazing levels and many more to come!

Everything in this game has been carefully settled and designed for you to have a lot of fun! Warning: This is not an easy game to play so good luck!

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