Sling Shot Ar

Hurray! Here comes the one of the top free Augmented Reality Slingshot ( catapult ) Shooting Game Which you have never played before. UltPult Studio comes up with the new concept of slingshot shooting game for free with Augmented Reality. The Game gives you more challenge which you have never face before.

Slingshot AR is a fruit shooting game where you hit the fruit which appears on your partner’s head. Shoot the fruit by throwing stone via slingshot which makes it addictive slingshot game. You will feel the realistic effects of shooting and aiming. As the game advances, new and exciting fruits will be unlocked & gameplay becomes more interesting and challenging game. You can play slingshot (catapult) AR shooting anywhere any time with anyone. You can also aim fruit at your own head by swapping camera.

Slingshot AR also provides a variety of Animated Face Masks Filters. Now you can portray the character you like the most. You can also share your photograph with masks on different social media platforms.

Some Features of Slingshot AR

  • Augmented Reality Shooting Game
  • Challenging and Addictive Gameplay
  • Socialize by Sharing your Photo with Friends
  • Challenge the World by beating Score on Leaderboard
  • Wide Range of Facial Masks Filters & Fruits
  • Amazing Sound Effects and Visual Effects
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