Ping Pong Star

The world’s #1 PING PONG Star game for Mobile and Tablet has just arrived! Pick up the racket and become the champion of this amazing Ping Pong game. Tap the ball on Racket and rise high to the professional level and become a Ping Pong King!

There are lots of Rackets of various designs and colors that appears as you reach to the next level. Each level has advanced ping pong skills. It’s a never ending game and you are going to have are lots of Challenges including hit the ball on the Clock, on Stars and on the Coins to get to the highest points. The ball is already bouncing on the paddle racket and you just have to balance the bouncing ball on racket and try not to get drown the ball on surface to reach to the next level. Practice will make you perfect. So let’s download and start playing the game to Beat the amazing challenges and be the ultimate Ping Pong Star!

Slingshot AR also provides a variety of Animated Face Masks Filters. Now you can portray the character you like the most. You can also share your photograph with masks on different social media platforms.

Some Features of Slingshot AR

  • Balance the ball on Racket and get controls on it.
  • Collect unlimited and unique items Table Tennis rackets
  • Realistic and catchy environment.
  • Several achievements
  • Quick Play and Career modes
  • Smooth touch screen controls with true Ping Pong physics
  • Little download size
  • You can play it Offline as well.
  • Crazy and amazing sound effects.

It’s free to play. So download Ping Pong Star to improve your skills of balancing the bouncing ball on racket on mobile today!

Warning: This game is highly addictive!

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