Football Star Freestyle

UltPult Studios comes with the brilliant and most challenging real life-like free style game where you have to balance the football, perform different tricks and enhance your soccer skills as a result. Are you ready to play the most challenging, tricky and free football game ever? If Yes! - then Download Now and be the World Class Freestyle football champion.

This Game includes two different Players. You can customize them by changing their costumes. Different variety of shorts, shirt, caps and shoes are available so you can set the Player as you like. You can play this game at four different Places including Park, Street, Stadium and Beach. Different kind of footballs are available and you can get them by trading coins.

Game Start with the basic level to juggling challenge on foot as the level advances, Tap football and then rewards are given to the player in the form of Coins and Score. The more you progress the game, the more freestyle moves will be unlocked. Some of the famous Freestyles moves Included in the game are given: - Head Stall, Knee Stall, Sole Juggle, Thigh Lock Turn, Shoulder Stall, Chest Stall, Cross Over, Kick Stand, Neck Stall and Bounce.

There is a stamina bar in the game play and you have to switch the football twice to increase it. Increase your energy by stalling the football and be a legend.

  • Some of the Major Features of the Game are:
  • Challenging and Exciting Gameplay
  • 28 Different Levels and more than 50 different Animation Moves
  • 4 Different Environment
  • Character Customizations
  • Rewarded System
  • Amazing Sounds and SFX

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